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The Lowdown on the Bass

The primary role of the bass guitar in music is to "lock in" with the drummer and maintain "the groove". This provides a steady foundation that allows the vocals to build melody and harmony and the guitar to maintain chord progressions in a particular piece of music.

During our private bass lessons, the student will be taught proper technique and common exercises to help develop good timing and "feel" for the rhythm of different styles of music. As lessons progress, they will then learn about root notes and their relationship to guitar chords and how to incorporate scales and intervals into chord patterns.

The importance of solid bass playing cannot be underestimated. It is the glue that holds a song together. With dedication and practice, the student can feel confident playing their favorite songs with others in a group, or even creating their own songs.

Our instructors have over 40 years combined experience in teaching bass and touring/recording with many influential artists covering a vast range of musical styles.

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