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Protect Your Music

Copywriting teaches the basics of copyright and what it protects, and provides students with an understanding of how to both monetize and protect their works from unauthorized exploitation. People are using more music now than in the past. Everything from streaming sites, non-interactive sites, permanent download services, and music in video games, TV, film are the some of the most important revenue methods for musicians. All of these services also rely on the fundamental principles of copyright to effectively compensate musicians. Every musician, author, filmmaker, or other creator needs to understand the basics of how their creative works are protected by copyright law, and what rights they have as a content owner.

Topics include:

  • The six exclusive rights of copyright owners
  • How to register a copyright
  • The duration of copyright protection
  • Tests for infringement liability
  • Remedies available to those whose works are infringed
  • The "fair use" defense

The course also explores compulsory royalty rates(mechanical royalties) for technologies such as interactive streaming, high-profile new media court cases, such as Napster and international treaties to protect works overseas.

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