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What makes drums difficult is having to keep track of four different rhythm patterns—one with each hand and foot. To start students off the right way, we teach rudiments, tempo, timing, rhythm patterns, dynamics, and reading music.

We start our drum students directly working on the drum kit. Within one to three lessons, the student has developed to the point where he or she can actually play the basic beats of some of their favorite songs. This is a major achievement and hugely encouraging for the student to learn one of the most difficult instruments.

Once the student becomes acclimated to the drum kit, we then start teaching them to read music and develop rudiments. We then get into more advanced rhythm patterns, learn to play in proper tempo, in different time signatures, adding fills and using dynamics. Then, around the eighth to tenth lesson, we begin teaching the student's favorite songs, getting them ready for our performance program.

Our instructors have over 40 years experience with playing and teaching drums, so there is no better place to learn this difficult instrument.

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