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Everyone has a voice

Discover your vocal potential. Whether your aspirations are to be a performing soloist, lead signer, or backup vocalist, we will help guide you toward that goal. You'll even learn how to properly use your voice as a speaker.

Our vocal coach Maria Wade has more than twenty years experience as a professional performing vocalist. She has trained with both local and nationally renowned vocal instructors throughout her career.

Maria uses her PA system and keyboard as instruction tools. The PA system allows the student to experience what it is like to be a performing vocalist during a live show. The keyboard is used to train the student on the notes of the scale, and to perfect pitch. Maria has also developed methods to guide the student to use proper breathing techniques.

We understand each person learns and comprehends differently and at different levels. With her vast training and experience, Maria has developed her own unique specialized coaching technique that caters to each individual and his or her needs.

Partners in Music-Making: